K2realm Extensions for CODE V Optical Design Software



Try a 30-day free trial of K2realm Extensions with CODE V Optical Design Software for an enhanced user experience with modeling, analysis, tolerancing, and optimization capabilities.

What We Offer

K2realm Extensions is a plug-in that integrates with your current installation of CODE V Optical Design Software. Enhance optical design tasks and improve your lens design workflow with additional features for quick model changes, faster tolerancing run-times, and improved data visualization within the optimization dashboard

Easy to install plug-in that seamlessly integrates with the CODE V interface

Adds intuitive charts and graphs to commonly used text output in analyses and optimization

More efficient to make typical model changes in an interactive 3D environment

Dramatically improves execution time of long tolerance runs by using multiple cores

What Our Customers Are Saying

We used to spend hours creating and updating reports. The auto-report feature now updates our charts in seconds!
CODE V’s TOR runs quickly to predict the effects of 1,000’s of tolerances.  The tolerance sensitivity bar charts help visualize the tolerance drivers instantly! And it handles multiple metrics!
CODE V’s advanced optimization engine can handle 100’s or 1,000’s of constraints. The Extensions’ Optimization Dashboard sorts and plots the output to quickly find the largest contributors!
We had a 20-hour custom script for tolerancing, now it only runs in 2-hours using multi-core! And it integrates MATLAB!

Featured Extensions

Enhance Your CODE V Optical Design Experience

3D Interactive Controls

Enhance CODE V's 3D viewer to an interactive experience

Slider Adjustments

Use sliders to adjust any lens parameter and see instant changes

Custom Element Colors

Quickly visualize element properties, like refractive index, via colors

User-Defined Layouts

2D layouts of analyses, user configurable, with favorites list

Automatic Export / Update

Export and update analysis changes efficiently with Microsoft Powerpoint or Word

Command Window

Run any desired command with improved search and recall features

Lens Compare

Quickly compare design forms with any desired analyses

Optimization Dashboard

Monitor optimization output in a dashboard layout

Speed Up Tolerancing

Reduce run-times from hours to minutes, up to 10X with 16-core PC

Seamless Integration with CODE V Software

Apply lens design changes with a single click to insert, delete, split elements, and insert fold mirrors. Interactive sliders allow quick adjustment to lens parameters (including custom scripts), with real-time feedback on lens performance. Instantly see the effects of lens bendings, shifting a lens, rotating fold mirrors, aspheric coefficients, or even complex relationships for 3rd order corrections of off-axis reflective designs.


Easily recall your favorite performance plots (MTF, spot diagrams, Point Spread Functions, distortion grids, etc.) with the flexibility to arrange charts as desired. Quickly compare the performance of different design forms from a saved list. Automatically create and update performance charts in reports by exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.


Automatically balance weights on constraints and convert to exact constraints as needed. Quickly see optimization results in a modern dashboard with sortable grids and charts. Reload any optimization cycle for analysis or continuation to optimize from that point.



Book a 15-minute demo for a quick overview of K2realm Extensions


No. In order to use K2realm Extensions, you must have a working version of CODE V Optical Design Software already installed.

Any version of CODE V Optical Design Software can be used with a valid, current license.

No, you can use CODE V as you normally do. K2realm Extensions are designed to run as needed and can be toggled on/off  with a click of a button; easily configured by customizing CODE V’s toolbar (see installation video).

Yes, all analysis and ray tracing data is generated by CODE V. The Extensions provide new methods to interact with this data.

If you would like to contribute ideas to new features that are included in K2realm Extensions, please sign up to become an influencer here.

All features are included in the trial and paid versions of K2realm Extensions. For specifics, see the videos listed on the Extensions Videos page.

There is an annual subscription fee that is a fraction of a CODE V license, and allows continued access to use the software for one year, with the option to renew at the end of the year term. Please inquire here for pricing.

About K2realm

Our goal is to enhance the CODE V user experience by providing tools that are used in addition to CODE V’s built-in features. CODE V is recognized as the Optical Design industry leader with the most powerful optimization, tolerancing, and analysis capabilities using superior algorithms. With K2realm Extensions, you will have the ability to personalize CODE V’s existing interface to visualize, manipulate, and automate optical data in ways you couldn’t have done before.

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