Free Trial Download

Right-click the link below to save the Extensions to any desired folder.

  version 3.3.812.16 (3/3/19)

 To install  -  follow the instructions below and send the request file when prompted

(Note, if updating, just download and unzip contents to the same location, replace files when prompted, and rerun Setup.exe. Your existing license will still work.)

  • Right-click and save the zip file to any desired folder (e.g. c:\cvuser\CVExt\ )
  • ** After saving, you must right-click the .zip file to FULLY unzip the files to your folder
  • Click Setup.exe for first time use
  • Run the K2realm Extensions from within CODE V using the sequence, runCVext.seq. This is best done by adding this sequence to the CODE V toolbar under Tools > Customize > Macros.
  • On the first run, you will be prompted for a license. Follow the instructions and send the license request file to . A trial license will be emailed to you.

Installation Video