Save Time & Easily Find The Best As-Built Design


Quickly find the best global solution within hundreds of results.

  • CODE V’s Global Synthesis® (GS) proprietary optimization algorithm has proven to yield design solutions for the toughest problems.
  • It is advised to use GS on every design, even for simple designs to help break out of a local minimum.
  • As with all designs, manufacturability is the goal. A design with good as-built performance is always better than a design with good nominal performance (but bad as-built).
  • K2 Extensions quickly shows the best as-built by visualizing solutions in a performance vs. as-built plot.

Rogers, John. “Global optimization and desensitization.” Optifab 2015. Vol. 9633. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015.

Global Synthesis® Tip

Using the SN2 constraint on all surfaces will ensure that manufacturability is included in the merit function.

Find the Most Manufacturable Design

This is a comparison of two design forms for a basic cell phone lens design with all aspherics. The form on the left has much better as-built performance as shown in TOR’s cumulative probability plots. The form on the right has better nominal performance, shown by the spot diagram, but much worse as-built. This is due to the decentration sensitivity of the highly aspheric 3rd and 4th elements.

When utilizing GS, K2 Extensions simplifies this process:

    • Automatically plot results with Performance vs. As-built
    • CODE V’s lightning fast tolerancing (TOR) is run on every solution found and plotted during execution.
    • Any of these solutions can be saved and loaded for further analysis while GS continues to find more solutions.

K2 Extensions Lens Comparison Shortcut

This lens comparison shortcut can be used for any GS solution or any saved lens design file.

  • Any solution can be saved as a “Project Lens”. Once saved, any analyses will run over all project lenses in a single click.
  • With just a few clicks, visualize nominal and as-built performance side by side to choose the best design for your application

Watch this 1-minute tutorial on the K2 Extensions Lens Comparison using the GS feature in CODE V

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