Optical design changes and chart updates in seconds!

  • Automatically export or update chart analyses by clicking on the Word or PowerPoint menu icon
  • Select any desired charts with a click
  • Chart images can be saved with or without the descriptive footer
  • On the first export, a new slide is created for each image
  • The layout can be configured for number of images per slide, with control over size and position of each image
  • Future updates are done with a single click with formatting preserved for each image (size, position, cropped areas, and any surrounding text)

Customer Review

“We used to spend hours creating and updating reports. The auto-report feature now updates our charts in seconds!

Save and recall common and custom analysis charts

Analyses charts automatically tiled in a field vs zoom layout to quickly see the worst position, and can be configured as desired (zoom vs field vs wavelength, etc.)

The layout can be completely customized to combine different analyses in one view (spot size, MTF, PSF, etc.)

Export any set of charts to Powerpoint or Word automatically

A new set of charts can be added to new slides with a user defined layout

automatic reports code v

Charts can be updated with a single click

Any formatting will be retained when updated (chart size, position, cropping effects, and surrounding text)

Watch this 1-minute tutorial on the K2realm Extensions Automatic Reports feature

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