A Real Powerhouse: Athermalization with K2 + CODE V


Accurate Mount Setup Modeling

athermal seat mounting types modeled
  • Many lens housing setups are machined from the stop location with seats where each lens contacts the housing
  • To model the expansion accurately, it is necessary to add dummy surfaces to your lens model so that elements move respective to their seats (non-trivial)
  • Using an algorithm developed by Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group (ENVPIK), these seat locations are automatically added to the lens model
  • The user has options for multiple housing materials, custom seat locations, and offsets for all types of mounting scenarios

A Few Clicks & You're Done - Athermalization Is Easier Than Ever

K2 Extensions users can model thermal expansion and index changes to specific housing mounts in 5 simple steps.

Athermalization Setup in 5 Simple Steps

Athermalization setup
Quickly learn how Athermalization with K2 Extensions is used by clicking on any input to show a descriptive illustration and step-by-step instructions.
Arrow: Step 1 Enter T/P pairs

Enter the desired number of temperature and pressure pairs to model

Arrow: Step 2 Adjust seat locations

Adjust as needed (front or back), with appropriate offsets

Arrow: Step 3 Housing CTE

Customize housing expansion data as needed (choice of common metals or custom coefficients)

Arrow: Step 4 Enter user dn/dt

[Optional] Add any dn/dt or expansion data you may have for glasses or plastics (allows for user-defined materials)

Arrow: Step 5 Modify and add seats

[Optional] Add any dn/dt or expansion data you may have for glasses or plastics (allows for user-defined materials)

Watch this short tutorial on the K2realm Extensions and CODE V's Athermalization feature

The Real Power – Athermalizing with Glass Expert

CODE V glass expert with K2 Extensions
  • Glass Expert combined with ENVPIK is a great tool for athermalizing a optical design.
  • Most designs with poor performance over temperature and pressure can be significantly improved with proper glass choice.
  • Setting up additional thermal configurations for analysis is great – optimizing the performance over the operating range is much better.

K2 Extensions makes this integration with Glass Expert seamless with a 1-click setup, and automatically pre-checking all candidate glasses for the user.

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