Click below to save the K2realm Extensions zip install file to any desired download location (e.g. c:\cvuser\ext\)

 Latest version 3.5.954.17  (9/12/19)

Download Instructions

(click for updates)

For New Users

Follow the instructions below and send the request file (LicenseRequest.txt) when prompted.

    1. Click the “File Download” button and save the .zip file to any desired folder (e.g. c:\cvuser\CVExt\)
    2. Important: After saving, right-click the .zip file to FULLY unzip the files to the folder location. 
      •   extract all of the zip file to install k2realm extensions for code v
    3. Click Setup.exe for first-time use and follow instructions.
    4. Add custom macro icon for quick access to run Extensions (see video if you have never done this)
        • In CODE V’s menu, go to Tools > Customize > Macros
        • Assign any custom macro icon to runCVext.seq (sample path, c:\cvuser\cvext\runCVext.seq)
    5. On the first run, you will be prompted for a license request file (LicenseRequest.txt).
        • Send this file to A trial license will then be emailed to you.


For Updates

    1. Download and unzip contents to the original .zip file location.
    2. Replace files when prompted.
    3. Rerun Setup.exe
    4. Rerun the Extensions from CODE V
      • For major updates, you may be prompted for a new license

Installation Video Tutorial