CODE V Training with K2 Extensions

Are you a CODE V power user? Master the tools with CODE V training.

Accelerate the design process with all the CODE V tips and tricks

Scripting and Analysis

Built-in functionality is great, but we can show some basic scripting and/or advanced analysis to really open up the power of CODE V.

User Constraints and Clearance Controls

Optimization has fantastic defaults, but learning how to add user constraints and clearance controls show the power of the CODE V design optimization algorithm.

Nodal Aberration Theory

Ever read about nodal aberration theory? We can teach the constraints to make it work.

Simple Macros

Accelerate progress on your project with simple macros. We help you gain control.

CODE V Training, At Any Level

We are the source of continuing education for CODE V software users. Get CODE V advanced training, CODE V introduction training, or anything in between.

What new features are you missing? Our training brings important CODE V updates and release notes to your attention. We make sure you know about the latest improvements that may help your optical lens designs.

What new trends can you use? New methods are always being developed, but you are busy. We highlight the most popular techniques and strategies in CODE V.

What do you want to learn in your CODE V Training?

In our CODE V training, you choose a topic relevant to your projects. Personalized training means you can skip over what you already know and dig into something you don’t. Go beyond the user manual.

System setup

Including tilts and decenters, and reflective surfaces.

Performance evaluation

With a close look at apertures and vignetting.

Advanced tolerancing

Learn the recommended tips and techniques.

Advanced analysis

Learn to use scripts, macros and API development.

The Benefits of Flexible CODE V Training with K2 Extensions

Learn how to utilize K2 Extensions from the beginning or extend your existing knowledge and expertise.

1-on-1 Training

Individual training can meet your goals and help
you become a successful CODE V Power User.

Security Guaranteed

We can keep your project data secure with an NDA.

Group Training

Tailor the training program to best suit the needs for
each optical designer or engineer on your team.

Tailored Pricing Model

We can set you up with one session or ten.

CODE V Training Request

Tell us a few things about your CODE V training needs

Requirements to sign up for CODE V Training

Working version of CODE V installed on your PC

Current license for any version of CODE V

Basic knowledge of optical design

Join K2 Extensions Power Users

A K2 Extensions Power User is a CODE V user who seeks the latest tools to maximize their efficiency. The Power User focuses their skills on the latest optical design technology, stays involved in the latest developments, gives feedback, and is highly engaged with future projects. The Power User does this to ensure that the most leveraged optical design needs will be met.

We invite you to be a K2 Extensions Power User. You will be able to try out the latest additions to the K2realm suite of tools. Be one of those who influence the direction of the most innovative additions to your optical design experience. All members will be included in alpha releases and training courses.

CODE V Training Specific To You, Your Team, And Your Designs

Individual Master? Or Team of Experts?

We can customize any topic for 1:1 training or group training sessions. Our programs are flexible and designed to suit your needs. Be the next CODE V master or give your team the training it needs.

Get training relevant to your industry’s designs

We protect proprietary information by signing company NDAs. This allows us to be flexible enough to offer specific help on any project. If designs cannot be shared, we’ll generate examples closely matching your typical lens designs.
Receive 10 Free Hours of Customized Training

Every new K2 Extensions license comes with 10 hours of CODE V training—free.

The Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group offers “CODE V Discovery Training,” “Introduction to CODE V,” and “Advanced Topics in CODE V” trainings at regular intervals. View the schedule of upcoming Synopsys CODE V trainings.