A K2 Extensions Power User is a user of CODE V who seeks the latest tools to maximize their efficiency, and focus their skills and expertise on the latest optical design technology. They stay involved on latest developments, give feedback, and highly engaged with future projects to ensure the most leveraged optical design needs will be met.

Thank you for your interest in K2 Extensions Power User Group

The benefits of designing optical systems with K2realm Extensions include:

  • First to try new release features of the K2realm Extensions for CODE V
  • Influence the direction of our new features
  • You’ll receive notifications of alpha releases
  • Be invited to our power user training courses

Our Mission: To Empower the CODE V User Experience

We are always looking to provide improved interfaces to the most time-consuming design tasks, as well as additional analyses that you may require.  If you have needs to use CODE V in different ways, or just simple suggestions to make your design tasks easier, let us know and we may be able to provide a solution.

What ideas and suggestions do you have to empower your CODE V user experience?