K2realm, LLC is a company based in Los Angeles providing third-party software solutions to current Synopsys CODE V® users. K2realm Extensions is a plug-in that integrates with your current installation of CODE V, using CODE V data to present optical design information in modern interfaces. This provides designers a more efficient workflow and automation of common design tasks. All data is generated by CODE V's industry leading algorithms, and presented according to today's user expectations.

K2realm Extensions provides Optical Designers with a growing number of customizations in modeling, analysis, tolerancing, commands, and optimization within CODE V.

The benefits of designing optical systems with K2realm Extensions include:

  • Quick rendering of 3D interactive models (with sliders!)
  • User configurable layout of analysis charts and overlays of zooms, fields, and wavelengths, with an option to set user defaults
  • New charts to visualize the tolerance drivers
  • Multi-core support to reduce Monte Carlo tolerancing run-times
  • Automatic export of images to Word or Powerpoint
  • Automatic handling of constraints to determine appropriate weights, or set as exact as needed
  • One-click access to design changes like inserting fold mirrors or elements, splitting, flipping, and glass map selection
  • Slider adjustment of lens parameters + bending, shifting and lens power
  • Element labeling and coloring
  • Dashboard layout of optimization output for better sorting and access to data

Our Mission: To Empower the CODE V User Experience

We are always looking to provide improved interfaces to the most time-consuming design tasks, as well as additional analyses that you may require.  If you have needs to use CODE V in different ways, or just simple suggestions to make your design tasks easier, let us know and we may be able to provide a solution.

What ideas and suggestions do you have to empower your CODE V user experience?