Providing game-changing solutions for CODE V Optical Design Software

At K2realm, we design third-party solutions that enhance the power, efficiency, and usability of Synopsys CODE V® Optical Design Software. The K2realm extension is a plug-in that integrates with your current CODE V installation, allowing you to make the most of its industry-leading software.

Why Design Optical Systems with K2 Extensions?

Power Features

Innovative Solutions Make CODE V Even More Powerful

  • Multi-core support reduces Monte Carlo tolerancing run-times: reduces lengthy analysis or tolerancing runtimes by a factor of 10x or more!
  • New editor/debugger environment: creating complex macros is much more efficient with syntax help, debugging, and a Project Manager.
  • Quick rendering of 3D CAD interactive models (with sliders!).
  • Immediately visualize the tolerance drivers via new charts.
  • Automatic handling of constraints to determine appropriate weights, or set as exact as needed.
  • Immediately visualize variable and constraint drivers with a dashboard layout of optimization data.

Usability Features

Fine Tune Your User Experience to Suit Your Specific Needs

  • User-configurable layout of analysis charts and overlays of zooms, fields, and wavelengths, with an option to set user defaults.
  • Automatically export images to Word or Powerpoint.
  • One-click access to design changes like inserting fold mirrors or elements, splitting, flipping, and glass map selection.
  • Slider adjustment of lens parameters + bending, shifting, and lens power.
  • Element labeling and coloring.

Our Team

As a small company, we’re proud of our nimble and fast-paced culture. With our enthusiastic start-up atmosphere, we’ve been able to focus on our creative passions. That’s excellent news for optical engineers and the CODE V community. We know that the most sophisticated engineers in the field use CODE V for their lens design. 

Our goal is to enable power users to expand the capabilities of CODE V – to empower them to use it to its fullest potential.

We love being able to serve the CODE V community with the efficiency of a small company. Our partnership and experience with Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group allows us to respond swiftly to user needs and quickly implement solutions. Meanwhile, customers retain all the support and dependability of the larger, seasoned company that brought you CODE V.

Our Founder

 “My dream is to create: to build on an already powerful product to solve everyday problems for real users.” – Jay Wilson, Founder

From Synopsys to K2realm

Jay spent more than ten years working with Synopsys and fully appreciates the powerhouse capability of the CODE V software and algorithms. But his true expertise is in understanding how engineers actually use optical design and analysis software. Working initially in marketing and then with the CODE V development team, Jay gained a unique insight into the specific challenges the CODE V power-user faces.

Obviously, Synopsys shared Jay’s interest in creating the ideal user experience, but Jay became increasingly focused on finding ways to be more agile in responding to issues important to CODE V users. As his enthusiasm to dig into these issues grew, Jay decided that his personal creative style was better suited to a more nimble infrastructure and Synopsys gave him the green light to break off and start his own company.

So while the CODE V team continues to deliver industry-leading algorithms, K2realm is dedicated exclusively to streamlining the user experience and expanding CODE V’s capabilities in the ways that users find most important. 

K2realm Gives You More Power and a Streamlined Process

  • Use industry-leading CODE V algorithms to their full potential.
  • Process the output in ways that make the design process easier to navigate.

For years, the optical design industry has recognized CODE V as a powerhouse that delivers the most powerful results for expert users but had to choose between CODE V and potentially easier-to-use options. At K2realm, we believe you can have both. K2 Extensions brings it all together to make CODE V the easiest and the best.

Our Mission: To Empower the CODE V User

Become A CODE V Power User with K2 Extensions

A K2 Extensions Power User is a CODE V user who seeks the latest tools to maximize their efficiency. The Power User focuses their skills on the latest optical design technology, stays involved in the latest developments, gives feedback, and is highly engaged with future projects. The Power User does this to ensure that the most leveraged optical design needs will be met.

We invite you to be a K2 Extensions Power User. You will be able to try out the latest additions to the K2realm suite of tools. Be one of those who influence the direction of the most innovative additions to your optical design experience. All members will be included in alpha releases and training courses.