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Faster lens modeling using K2realm’s Extensions

CAD viewer for CODE V

Add a relay lens in 5 easy steps

Reduce steps and make common design changes a breeze using K2’s interactive viewer with one-click changes and interactive sliders

  1. Insert a doublet with auto-alignment

    1. Singlets and doublets can be added with a single click
    2. Surfaces are inserted with a simple optimization to maintain image quality
    3. Optionally, decenters will be added to align the element to the chief ray
  2. Position the relay point using sliders

    1. Sliders can position the new element as desired, removing the guesswork of entering numbers
    2. The “Element Shift” slider automatically maintains airspaces before and after the new element
    3. When aligned with the chief ray, the slider movement follows the chief ray path
  3. Collimate the beam

    1. A quick optimization is run to modify thicknesses, curvatures, and airspaces to achieve an afocal system with desired beam width
    2. System variables are restored when completed
  4. Add a focusing lens

    1. One-click to insert a doublet
    2. Quick optimization to focus the doublet to the desired focal length
  5. Insert fold mirror and verify clearance

    1. One-click will insert a surface at the midway point with adjusted airspaces, reflect mode with necessary sign changes on all thicknesses, and appropriate decenters in the requested plane of the fold
    2. The “Element Shift” slider can position the fold as desired
    3. A beta tilt slider will rotate the image out of plane
    4. The 3D viewer can verify appropriate clearances

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