K2realm Extensions for CODE V is a plug-in that provides options to simplify, speed up and greatly enhance your user experience, helping you get the most out of your CODE V Optical Design Software.

With one-click access to changes in optical design modeling, dramatically faster tolerancing, customized diagrams that automatically update report exports, and more, K2realm Extensions provide many ways to simplify and empower the optical designer’s workflow in modeling, analysis, and optimization.

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Areas Of Interest

Below are short descriptions for the areas of interest choices. For more details, follow the links below.

Multi-core Distribution Perform both Monte Carlo and Finite Difference tolerancing across multiple cores to dramatically reduce process time.

      • Days to hours, and hours to minutes.
      • Also works with most user scripts, and includes multiple performance metrics.

Auto-reports – Automatically send any set of charts to create a report in PowerPoint or Word. Update your charts in an existing report without having to re-do your formatting (maintains size and location)

Optimization Auto-weighting – [Optional] Automatically iterate constraint weights to drive values to their targets, converting to exact constraints as needed. Users can still manually enter weights for any constraint requiring precise control.

Optimization Visualization Quickly see which constraints are the biggest contributors through a rich dashboard of detailed charts and tables showing optimization output per cycle.

      • Save time and avoid errors with sortable tables – no need to export to Excel.
      • No more scrolling through text output

Lens Comparison – Visually compare multiple lenses side-by-side.

Tolerancing Visualization – Immediately visualize drivers, and individual sensitivities per surface/tolerance/field/zoom with Pareto Bar Charts for TOR and finite difference.

Quick Model Changes Use the Interactive Viewer to modify your lens model by simply clicking on the picture (add/delete elements, fold mirrors, flipping), as well as use of sliders to modify any desired parameter.

Enhanced Model Display – See your lens model in 2D/3D modes with custom colors for any lens attribute (index, aspheres, steep curvature, AOI), and 3D enclosing volume mesh.

Python Scripting – K2realm Integrates Python as the scripting language for advanced coding features and debugging.

Efficient Analysis – See all analysis charts presented in a 2D layout (e.g. Field vs. Zoom)

    • easy visualization
    • configurable rows/columns,
    • overlaying of data,
    • quick recall of settings, and
    • comparison of multiple designs

Optimization Integrations Integrates advanced features with a few clicks rather than custom scripts

    • Glass Expert inputs much easier via UI buttons, and a glass map for glass selection
    • Global Synthesis solutions plotted showing as-built results and updated while it runs;  click the chart to load any solution while more are being generated