Right-click and save zip file to desired folder

CVExtensions.zip      –   ver  3.3.819.16        4/9/19



To install:

(Note, if updating, just download and unzip contents to the same location, replace files when prompted, and rerun Setup.exe. You may need a new license for newer versions.)


  • Right-click and save the zip file to any desired folder (e.g. c:\cvuser\CVExt\ )
  • ** After saving, you must right-click the .zip file to FULLY unzip the files to your folder
  • Extract zip

  • Run Setup.exe for first time use
  • Run the K2realm Extensions from within CODE V using the sequence, runCVext.seq. This is best done by adding this sequence to the CODE V toolbar under Tools > Customize > Macros.
  • On the first run, you will be prompted for a license. Follow the instructions to request a license and send the LicenseRequest.txt file to k2_support@k2realm.com . A trial license will be emailed to you.

      Installation Video



  • (optional) To run Python scripts with the Extensions, download and install Python, python-3.6.1-amd64.exe  –   ver  3.6.1
    • Be sure to check the box to add the Python install to the Windows system PATH  

      python install Screen