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      Automatic Reports – page

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      ➥ Try A New Time-Saving Solution For Reports

      ➥ CODE V 11.3 New Features

      ➥ Countdown to Photonics West

      Try A New Time-Saving Solution For Reports

      Design changes and chart updates in seconds!

      • Forget copy / pasting charts one-by-one into a report
      • Automatically export or update chart analyses by clicking on the Word or PowerPoint button in the top menu
      • Select any desired charts with a double-click
      • Clicking the chart loads any prior cycle into memory

      Customer Review

      We used to spend hours creating and updating reports. The auto-report feature now updates our charts in seconds!

      Save and recall common and custom analysis charts

      • Analyses charts automatically tiled in a field vs zoom layout to quickly see the worst position, and can be configured as desired (zoom vs field vs wavelength, etc.)

      • The layout can be completely customized to combine different analyses in one view (spot size, MTF, PSF, etc.)

      Export any set of charts to Powerpoint or Word automatically

      • A new set of charts can be added to new slides with a user defined layout

      • Charts can be updated with a single click

      • Any formatting will be retained when updated (chart size, position, cropping effects, and surrounding text)

      Would you like to learn how to save time and update reports automatically?

      Schedule A Demo

      Check Out CODE V 11.3 New Features

      CAD Model Support, Improved 3D Visualization, and Surface Related Enhancements

      • New CAD Viewer window, CAD Surface Type, and CAD model visualization
      • Improved 3D visualization to translucent and invisible rendering
      • Two new Freeform surface shapes, new 2D coefficient table, and more support for Zernike surface conversions
      • Lens Data Manager enhancements
      • SpecBuilder & SpecEvaluator
      • New Macro-PLUS & COM updates
      Learn More

      Countdown to Photonics West

      Are you going to Photonics West in San Francisco next month? If so, we look forward to seeing you there. Ask for a demo and bring your feature requests. 

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