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Many CODE V Power Users eventually gravitate to writing scripts or macros to refine their projects. If you’re already writing scripts in CODE V’s Macro+, you know how useful it can be. But you also know that it can be incredibly time-consuming; you’re probably so used to the lengthy, iterative process that it’s second nature to you. 

Spend Less Time on Macros & More Time on What Matters to You!

But CODE V users can now access a new editor through K2 Extensions, and our current users are seriously excited. They’re discovering that the debugger reduces macro writing time, which frees them up to focus on what truly matters to them—finding optical design solutions—rather than spending all their time sorting through code. 

Less Time Checking Code, More Time Developing Your Lens Design. 

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We’ve recently taken a more in depth approach to K2realm Extensions feature Automatic Reports. In this Enewsletter learn more about our Automatic Reports feature. By adding this automation to your optical design workflow that can save you time and meet any deadline. This feature will copy / paste selected optical design analyses charts into a Microsoft Word, PPT, or Excel export. Select your choice of export type by clicking on the icon button in the top menu bar. Read more

Want quick access to the most important optimization data for your lens design?

The Optimization Dashboard visualizes the per cycle data in sortable tables and charts to highlight key variables and constraints, to help you make the best design decisions.

Try the Extensions for CODE V today for an optimized experience.

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New plug-in for Synopsys’ CODE V software users adds functionality in 3D interactive modeling, analysis, tolerancing, and optimization integrated with CODE V’s core environment

Los Angeles, CA — August 6, 2018, a third-party optical design software company, has launched a new product called Extensions Pack for CODE V. The product is a subscription-based plugin for Synopsys’ CODE V® optical design software that accelerates the design process through intuitive interfaces for data access, automated design tasks, and multi-core Monte Carlo tolerancing. Read more