2021 International Optical Design Conference: A Fully Virtual Event

For a while, the OSA thought the 2021 IODC conference would be hybrid, with both an online and in-person component. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will instead go entirely virtual this year. 

That means no more excuses for missing the conference. It also means no excuses for missing an important session: you will be able to either attend sessions live online or view recordings of them later. 

The quadrennial IODC is hosted by the Optical Society (OSA). It is part of a cluster of coinciding conferences within the Optical Design and Fabrication Congress. In addition to the IODC, the OSA is hosting 2021 meetings on:

The 2021 Shafer Cup: A Lens Design Problem Down Under

The 2021 Shafer Cup is a lens design competition. It will be conducted as usual, in spite of the new format of the conference. Directions for this year’s design problem, ”The Down Under Lens,” can be found at the 2021 IODC Shafer Cup Competition page on the IODC info blog.

Note that, no, light does not actually travel differently in the southern hemisphere. The story behind the puzzle creates an interesting design problem, though. Put simply, the challenge of this puzzle, according to the Shafer Cup FAQs page, is to “design a reversible lens where you do not reverse the signs of the radii.” 

The presentation of results from those who attempted the problem is always the most attended talk, revealing design techniques from the industry’s top designers.

2021 IODC Invited Speakers List

A number of important speakers have been invited to present at the IODC. Here is the current list, as per the IODC website:

  • Iain Neil, Scotoptix, Switzerland
    Evolution of Zoom Lens Optical Design Technology and Manufacture (Keynote)
  • Miguel Alonso, U of Rochester, The Institute of Optics, France
    Abstract Spaces, Mappings and Geometry in the Study of Optical Systems
  • Aaron Bauer, University of Rochester, United States
    Specification Sweep for Three-mirror Freeform Imagers
  • Pablo Benitez, Limbak Technologies, Spain
    Title to be Announced
  • Julie Bentley, University of Rochester, United States
    Title to be Announced
  • Andrea Berner, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
    New Surface Contributions for Higher Order Color Aberrations and Chromatic Variations of Seidel Aberrations
  • Jerome Caron, TNO, Netherlands
    Progress in Aberration Theory for Freeform Off-axis Mirror Systems
  • William Cassarly, Synopsys, Inc, United States
    Compound Surface Descriptions in Illumination Design
  • Eric Fest, Facebook Reality Labs Research, United States
    Proposed Syllabus for Augmented Reality Display Waveguide Design Course
  • Rafael Gonzalez Acuña, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
    Title to be Announced
  • Alan Greynolds, United States
    Hyper-aspheroidal Surfaces: Two Approaches
  • Alois Herkommer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
    Title to be Announced
  • Christoph Menke, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
    Deep Learning Advances to Optical Design – How Will it Impact the Lens Designers’ Work?
  • Motoyuki Ohtake, University of Yamanashi, Japan
    Title to be Announced
  • John Rogers, Synopsys, Inc, United States
    Surface Slope Error Tolerances: Applicable Range of Spatial Frequencies
  • Peter Schreiber, Fraunhofer IOF, Germany
    Light Shaping with Micro-optical Irregular Fly′s Eye Condensers
  • David Shafer, David Shafer Optical Design, United States
    Fast Speed Unvignetted Wide-angle Catadioptric Design with an External FrontPupil and a Metasurface
  • Simon Thibault, Université Laval, Canada
    Lens Design Using Metasurfaces: Broken the Last Technical Locks

Optics Students Welcome 

Students are an important part of the IODC. Students attending the IODC have the opportunity to:

  • Present in front of an international optical design audience
  • Make professional connections
  • Compete for the OSA’s Student Paper Prize in optical design

The IODC is an important venue for getting to know who’s who and for launching a career in optical design.

K2realm at the 2021 International Optical Design Conference

K2realm offers a plug-in to CODE V optical design software that enhances productivity for CODE V users. We shorten the time it takes to solve design problems with smart plug-in features that allow for

  • Multicore to reduce long running analyses and tolerancing
  • Interactive 3D CAD viewer for efficient model changes
  • Quick visualization of analysis, tolerancing, and optimization data in modern charting
  • A Macro+ debugger / editor with syntax help / project file manager
  • And much more…

Our first public appearance was at the 2017 IODC. If you saw our demos then—or even if you didn’t—we hope you will check out our exciting progress!

We offer personalized CODE V trainings that come free with K2 Extensions for CODE V software. We want to save you time so you can go deeper into optical design. Download a free trial today!

We’ll “see” you at IODC 2021!